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Just 33-km northwest of Nuevo Vallarta lies Sayulita Nayarit. When dusk falls on the beaches of Sayulita Mexico in Riviera Nayarit, you will see silhouettes skim across the water like floating spirits. Watch bodies dive and emerge, facing the sunset while awaiting the next perfect wave. Each evening, these scenes repeat, painted in the dazzling tones of the sun’s descent into the Pacific Ocean.

Sayulita surfers are participating in the sport they love, which happens to be one of the main attractions of this traditional Riviera Nayarit fishing village. From all over the world, surfing enthusiasts flock to this Sayulita beach, like a sacred site, with their boards on their backs, their golden skin glistening, and hearts full with a passion for the waves.

Sayulita Mexico, which is just up the coast from  Litibu Higuera Blanca , breathes a cosmopolitan air. You can hear a young woman speaking German, a young man waxing his surf board while chatting in English, or a small child telling her father what she wants for breakfast in French. This is truly one of Mexico’s more unique Nayarit destinations.

There is also a vibe similar to that of the sixties, focused on love and peace, gathering together in nature with a friendly and relaxed environment. Young people, adults, and children come together on these Sayulita beaches where the sounds of drums accompany a pleasant conversation among friends. Come vacation in Sayulita Mexico and take part in a celebration, a great meal, or a calming walk on the beach with Pacific Ocean waves lapping at your feet.

Punta de Mita

Located about 15-km southwest of  Sayulita  and only 8-km west of Destiladeras lies Punta Mita Nayarit, voted #12 for 2020s Best Places to Visit in Mexico by US News & World Report.

As you set foot in this coastal town and stand in the white sands of the peninsula, you will be overcome with tranquility as you look out over the immense Pacific Ocean.

When you are looking at Nayarit destinations for a vacation you want to leave the world behind, as if you were alone on a desert island, sheltered in a hidden refuge. This is an apt description of Punta Mita Nayarit. This exclusive and luxurious vacation getaway rises from the peninsula and includes almost 10 kilometers (six miles) of virgin Pacific coast beaches, surrounded by rolling green hills. In fact, Punta Mita beaches were voted #5 for 2020s Best Beaches in Mexico by US News & World Report.

Here, the Pacific Ocean opens before those visitors who never seem to tire of admiring the endless turquoise-blue depths of the sea.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Tradition has always been one of the essential characteristics of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, which is just 6-km up the coast from  Bucerias Mexico .

A fishing village for generations, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle has been modernized thanks to the construction of the Riviera Nayarit Marina —the largest and most modern of the corridor. Nayarit Marina has helped to create a Nayarit destination that harmoniously combines the traditional life of a Mexican pueblo with the sophistication of a modern development. So, when visiting La Cruz, as the locals call it, you will have the opportunity to witness postcardworthy scenes such as the arrival of fishermen on the pier in their Panga boats loaded with a variety of fish.

Nayarit Marina is the most modern on the Mexican Pacific with a capacity of 400 ships measuring between 30 and 400 feet. The marina is equipped with all the services needed for a comfortable stay: bathrooms and showers, security, electricity and fueling stations.

This modern La Cruz de Huanacaxtle development includes a yacht club, business center, sky bar, restaurant, seafood market, and pier. It also has one of the best equipped shipyards in the country, which among other things, is home to the largest travel lift on the Pacific. Aiming to spur additional growth of this area of Riviera Nayarit, a plan has been set in motion to house commercial spaces within the Marina for the market’s most recognized name brands, condominiums and restaurants.


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Located in the beautiful Bahia de Banderas, this place offers awesome beaches, incredible sunsets (that will leave you breathless), and boasts an attention to detail that surpasses every expectation.

Bucerias Nayarit offers to the guests of all ages will get wrapped up in an unforgettable tropical landscape. You’ll have a magical experience while sitting under a palapa tree enjoying a refreshing drink, or watching the horizon with a soft, warm Pacific Ocean sea breeze brushing by.

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